• “We brought Nic in to play with our band at the Edinburgh Fringe and he went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. Nic approaches his work with passion, professionalism, and attention to detail. The first time we rehearsed together, it was clear that Nic had put in hours of practice and preparation. He doesn’t just nail the parts – he adds his own flair and enthusiasm to them. Our band plays within a variety of pop styles, and Nic’s versatility allows him to jump into every style with edge and confidence. His deep knowledge, respect, and love for music shines through in his playing. Nic’s combination of technical skill, artistic expression, and pleasant disposition is rare indeed. He is a joy to work with and he fit into our band like we had been playing together for years. We set out to hire a musician, and we ended up with a treasured friend and collaborator”.
    – Adam Blotner, Writer/Performer at Pop Filter, Fauxchella Music Festival – 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
  • “Working with Nic was extremely impressive. Before even meeting him in person, I knew he was a very hard and dedicated worker. Every day during the show, he got better and better so that he could really rock out and have a great time playing the wonderful score”.

– Michael Quadrino, Producer, Rent – 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  • “Nic played lead guitar in the band for Glasgow Live Productions’ ‘RENT’ and was a delight to work with. Technically he is a great guitarist and had no problems with any of the material. On top of his top-quality playing, he made very good use of different patches and effects which added greatly to the show. Nic would be welcome back to GLP anytime!”

– Angus Reid, Musical Director, Glasgow Live Productions.

  • “Nic came highly recommended as lead guitarist for a production of Rent I was working on and not only was he a fantastic player with excellent gear, he fitted in very well into the team with a professional attitude and amenable personality. I would have no hesitation in using and recommending him again”.

– Alan Gibson, Musical Director, Youth Music Theatre Scotland.

  • “Working with Nic has been an absolute pleasure. He has been my go-to guitarist for all my projects, most recently being an EP. His professionalism and enthusiasm makes him a great person to have around! I could not recommend him more and if I now didn’t live so far away he would still be my guitarist”.

– April Jai, Singer/Songwriter.